OBS Gas Tank

Introducing our 19.5 aluminum bolt in gas tanks for the 88-98 OBS Chevy trucks. Our tanks are laser cut and tig welded for a precision fit and have internal baffle walls to insure against fuel sloshing. All of our products for the Chevy OBS trucks are built out of our racing necessities. We pride our selves on continuosly engineering products for the Chevy OBS to get these trucks to be lighter, go faster and handle corners better then what Cheverolet ever intended them to do. In order to place our tank in your truck, you will need our stainless steel bolt-in frame braces (See frame brace page for pricing). Our braces have holes in them witch line up with the mounting holes on the gas tank. All tanks come with a 90 ohm fuel sending unit and battery tray. Tanks have your typical 12 bolt holes so if you do not want to run the Holley pump you can op for something else.

The new gas tank  has provisions for an "Antigravity Battery" that only weights 5.75 pounds and has 880 cold cranking amps. This helps shift wieght from the front to the back.

Tank kit includes
X1 OBS 19.5 Gas tank
X1 90 OHM sending unit
X4 grade 8bolts
X8 grade 8 washers
X4 grade 8 locking nuts

Gas Tank only.......................$625.00

Antigravity Battery...............$399.00

Billet battery mount............$175.00

Holley fuel pump.................$299.95