OBS Billet Pan & Trac bar

Our Billet axle mount base for a pan hard and trac bar on your 88-98 OBS is revolutionary. Do you have wheel hop when you launch? Is your truck suffering for axle wrap? When in an autocross can you smell your 315's rubbing against your body? This was our problem until we invented this all in one billet mount. Made out of T-6 6061 billet aluminum, this plate simply bolts on by using 5 of the upper stock rear end cover holes in your axle. There are only 4 holes that need to be drilled into the frame to complete the installation of this kit. The job of the "Pan Hard Bar" is to keep the axle centered in the frame while executing hard turns. The job of the "Trac Bar" is to prevent the axle from causing axle wrap which is also known as wheel hop.

4-Link???: The system is modular!!! Let me explain, t he billet axle mount will also be used as the upper mount for a second bar up top. We also have a 4-link trailing arm system to convert your truck from leaf springs to a true coil over system. 

Complete kit comes with every part you see in the picture.

X1 Billet axle mount base
X1 3-Hole billet mount
X1 Pan Hard bar billet mount
X1 Pan Hard Bar
X1 Traction Bar
X 1" spacer
X4 Rod ends
and all hardware

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